Forms and Instructions for Registration and Reporting

Charitable organizations, charitable trusts, and professional fundraisers generally must register and file periodic reports with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. For more information on these requirements, see Registration and Reporting - Charities and Charitable Trusts and Registration and Reporting - Professional Fundraisers. In addition, all nonprofits generally must provide prior notice of certain asset transfers, consolidations, mergers, conversions, and dissolutions. For more information on these requirements, see Information for Nonprofits. Below are links to the forms (including instructions) for use in complying with these registration, reporting, and notice requirements.

Please use the Initial Registration Form if this is your first registration with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

Charitable Organizations

Charitable Trusts

Professional Fundraisers

All Nonprofit Entities

How To Register and Report

Electronic Filing of Documents. Organizations may register and make all required filings by email. Organizations may submit required materials to the Attorney General’s Office at All materials submitted via email must be in PDF format and the subject line of the email must contain the organization’s legal name. Emails not following these requirements may not be properly processed, which could result in noncompliant registration and reporting.

Electronic Payment of Fees. Organizations may pay all required fees, including any late fees, electronically using the Attorney General’s Office’s Electronic Payment of Fees webpage. This electronic payment system has a self-directed, step-by-step process allowing charities to pay fees via credit or debit card through a dedicated webpage operated by U.S. Bank. Please note there is a nonrefundable processing fee charged by U.S. Bank for organizations that choose to pay required fees electronically.

Submissions/Payments by Mail. If organizations prefer, they may submit required materials by mail and pay required fees by check. Checks should be made payable to the “State of Minnesota.” Required documents and payments should be mailed to the following address:

Minnesota Attorney General’s Office
Charities Division

445 Minnesota Street, Suite 1200
St. Paul, MN 55101

Organizations may contact the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office at (651) 757-1496 or (800) 657-3787 with any questions about registration and reporting.