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This page features press releases and other statements issued by the Attorney General from 2019 to present.

Affording Your Life Podcast

Affording Your Life with Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is your podcast about fairness, justice, and consumer information to help you afford your life.

Conviction Review Unit

The purpose of a CRU is to identify, remedy, and prevent wrongful convictions. Each case the CRU accepts for review will have a strong indication that the person imprisoned could be innocent of the crime for which they were convicted. Minnesota’s CRU also will develop policy proposals to address the most frequently identified causes of wrongful convictions and, when possible, identify the person or people who actually committed the crime. 

Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drug Prices

“As the People’s Lawyer, I’ve heard from people in every corner of Minnesota that they’re having trouble affording their lives — and the cost of prescription drugs is a major factor in that. They’re all united in one simple idea; they’re entitled to afford their lives — and drug prices are too high.” - Keith Ellison

To address this problem, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison formed a task force for lowering the cost of pharmaceutical drugs.

Tech Support Scam Takedown

The mission of Attorney General Ellison’s office is to help people afford their lives and live with dignity and respect. This is why the Attorney General’s Office is actively participating in a national effort to stop tech-support scams called "Tech Support Takedown" with 18 other states, the National Association of Attorneys General, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Information for Argosy Students

The Minnesota Attorney General has issued a statement to inform Minnesota students of potential options they have in light of the abrupt closure of Argosy University’s Twin Cities campus on March 8, 2019. 

Information for Minnesota School of Business and Globe University Students

The Minnesota Attorney General remains committed to pursuing relief for students harmed by fraud and illegal lending by  the Minnesota School of Business (“MSB”) and Globe University (“Globe”). “Students who were harmed by fraud or other unlawful activity by MSB and Globe can be confident that this Office will continue to hold these schools accountable and do whatever it can to enforce Minnesota law and obtain full relief for victims,” Attorney General Keith Ellison said.

Information about the 3M Lawsuit

In December 2010, the State of Minnesota filed a lawsuit against 3M Company seeking payment for natural resource damages caused by 3M’s disposal of perfluorochemicals, or PFCs, in the East Metropolitan Area of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  On February 20, 2018, the parties entered into an Agreement and Order ("Agreement") to settle the lawsuit. That same day, the Hennepin County District Court approved the Agreement and entered it as an order of the court. The Agreement required 3M Company to pay $850 million to the State of Minnesota in the form of a restricted grant, which will be administered and implemented by MPCA and DNR.