Car Handbook

Table of Contents

The following is a table of contents for the Car Handbook. You may click on the headers for more information on that topic.

Driven to Buy a Car?

  • Buying New vs. Used
  • Buying vs. Leasing

What Can I Afford?

  • Figuring It Out
  • Fixed Fees
  • Flexible Costs

Hit the Books Before the Accelerator

  • Consider Your Needs and Wants
  • Make a Safe Choice

Where to Buy a Car

  • It’s Gotta Be New
  • Selecting Used-Car Sellers
  • The Test Drive

Negotiate From the Driver's Seat

  • Playing the Game
  • It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
  • Closing the Sale
  • Minnesota’s Lemon Law

Considering an "Experienced" Car?

  • What’s a Used Car Worth?
  • Three Ways to Get What You Pay For
  • Can You Read Between the Odometer’s Lines?
  • Certified Used Cars
  • Your Personal Inspection
  • Beware of Flooded or Salvaged Used Cars
  • Final Issues
  • Signing the Contract

Get a Lease on Leasing

  • What Is Leasing and Why Is It So Popular?
  • Who Typically Leases?
  • Why Are Monthly Payments Lower When You Lease?
  • Beyond Monthly Payments
  • Leasing vs. Buying: When Ownership Is the Goal
  • How to Get a Good Deal
  • Turning Over Your Engine
  • What if I Want Out?
  • Buying the Car at the End of the Lease
  • Leasing Glossary
  • What the Leasing Company Must Tell You
  • Raise Your Leasing IQ
  • Final Questions

Words About Warranties

  • New Car Warranties
  • Used Car Warranty Law
  • The Buyer’s Guide
  • What if a Part Breaks?
  • Extended Warranties or Service Contracts

Wheels to Rent

  • Making Reservations
  • The Cost
  • Insurance and Waivers

Get Square on Repairs

  • Your Rights When Your Car Is Repaired
  • How to Choose a Repair Shop
  • Estimate the Damage
  • When to Get a Second Opinion
  • Get an Invoice
  • Resolving Disputes over Repairs
  • An Ounce of Prevention
  • What to Do if You Break Down on the Road


  • Top Ten Tips for Buying a Car
  • A Car Buyer’s Checklist
  • Car Pricing Comparison Worksheet
  • Insurance Comparison Worksheet
  • Car-Buying Glossary
  • Top Ten Tips for Leasing a Car
  • Sample Leasing Form

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