Home Sellers Handbook

Table of Contents

The following is a table of contents for the Home Sellers Handbook. You may click on the headers for more information on that topic.

Selling Your Home?

Yourself or an Agent?

  • Pros and Cons of Being a FSBO (“For Sale By Owner”)
  • Tips for FSBOs
  • Hiring a Real Estate Agent
  • What Listing Agreement Should You Sign?
  • What Should Your Agent Do for You?
    • Have a Complaint About an Agent?

Keeping Up Appearances

  • Easy Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value
  • Hiring a Contractor

Setting a Price

  • Why Not Start High?
  • Should You Offer Financing Help to a Buyer?
  • What if Your House Doesn’t Sell?

Accepting an Offer

  • Reviewing the Offer
    • Sellers Cannot Discriminate Against Buyers
  • Arbitration Agreements: to Sign or Not to Sign?
  • What Does Your Buyer Need From You?
    • Title Matters
    • Truth-In-Housing Report
    • Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
    • Lender's Home Inspection
    • Well Disclosure Statement
    • Sewage Treatment System Disclosure
    • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
    • Radon Disclosure Statement

Closing on Your Home

  • When Should You Schedule the Closing?
  • Do You Need a Closing Agent?
  • What Will You Pay to Close?
  • What Can Go Wrong?
  • What Can You Do?

Sweep Up and Move On

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Home Building and Remodeling

If you are planning to build or have work done on your home, take a moment to first read this handbook. This handbook will give you guidelines for selecting a contractor and writing a home improvement contract, as well as highlight Minnesota’s mechanic's lien law.

Condominium and Townhome Associations

Ownership in a condominium or townhome association offers an opportunity for home ownership without many of the added day-to-day responsibilities, such as snow removal or yard maintenance.

Door-to-Door Home Improvement Scams

Maybe your neighborhood has seen the scam: an unknown salesman travels from house to house offering to fix up homes or driveways at rock-bottom prices. What scammers never tell you is the "catch": if you pay upfront, they may run off with your money, leave the work undone, do shoddy work, or overcharge you in the end.