Manufactured Home Parks

Table of Contents

The following is a table of contents for the Manufactured Home Parks Handbook. You may click on the headers for more information on that topic.

This handbook explains the Minnesota laws concerning manufactured home park residents and park owners. A right or privilege guaranteed by law cannot be waived. For specific advice or assistance, residents and park owners may contact the organizations listed here, or a private attorney.

Purchasing a Manufactured Home

  • Licensing and Bonding of Dealers and Manufacturers
  • Warranties
  • Building Codes
  • Tire and Axle Scam

Duties of the Park Owner and Manager

  • License
  • Compliance with Health Regulations
  • Attendant
  • Storm Shelters and Evacuation
  • Drains, Water Supply, and Lots
  • Tenants' Remedies

Rental Agreements

  • Requirements of a Rental Agreement
  • Serving Notice

Park Rules

  • Reasonable Rules
  • Unreasonable Rules
  • Changes to Park Rules
  • Substantial Modifications to Park Rules
  • Illegal Rules


  • Illegal Fees
  • Legal Fees


  • Actions for Which a Resident May Be Evicted
  • Defenses to Eviction
  • Right to Redemption
  • Eviction Proceedings
  • Parks Cannot Retaliate

In-Park Sale of a Manufactured Home

  • Park’s Approval of a Buyer for Residency
  • Safety Disclosure and Repairs
  • Repossession
  • Removal of a Home After Repossession

Park Closing

  • Notice of Sale

Minnesota Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund


  • Glossary
  • General Resources
  • Conciliation Courts
  • Legal Aid Services
  • Refugee, Immigrant, and Migrant Services
  • Minnesota State Legislature
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Minnesota Association of Community Mediation Programs
  • Forms Required by State Law
    • Notice Required by State Law
    • Notice of Compliance Form

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This brochure is intended to be used as a source for general information and is not provided as legal advice.

The Manufactured Home Parks Handbook is written and published by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

This handbook is available in alternate formats upon request. The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.